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Monday, March 08, 2010
CSI Technology Outfitters Releases VOODOO Toolkit

EASLEY, SC – (MARKET WIRE) – March 08, 2009 – CSI Technology Outfitters (Computer Software Innovations, Inc.) (OTC BB:CSWI.OB)  announced today the release of the Voodoo Toolkit for SharePoint, a SharePoint-based design toolkit.  The goal of this project is to develop and distribute tools for users of SharePoint Foundation 2010, the new generation of SharePoint technology coming from Microsoft that provides an educational “flavor” to SharePoint.  This project is a byproduct of a commercial cloud technology application, CSI@K12, developed by CSI Technology Outfitters, Inc. that CSI has released to the public domain.

SharePoint Foundation 2010 is a versatile technology that enables organizations and business units of all sizes to increase the efficiency of business processes and improve team productivity.  With tools for collaboration that help people stay connected across organizational and geographic boundaries, SharePoint Foundation 2010 gives people access to documents and information they need.

“The familiar and intuitive look of SharePoint Foundation 2010 means it can be deployed rapidly with less disruption to current practices in an educational environment and with less demand for training and support,” said Robert Ginsburg, CTO of CSI/Version3 Microsoft Solutions.  “Over 5,000 educational institutions in over 105 countries have enrolled in Live@edu, accounting for tens of millions of email accounts.  With our partnership with Microsoft and the launch of CSI@K12, we hope to provide the SharePoint community with solutions that assist with meeting educational and platform requirements.”

The genesis for the Voodoo Toolkit for SharePoint is the newly launched CSI@K12. CSI@K12 is the enterprise class Instructional Communications Management (ICM) solution that embeds award-winning Microsoft Live@EDU, satisfies K-12 compliance and security requirements, and is eRate fundable.   It integrates with internal and external controls within each school or school district, tuned to each school’s unique needs and infrastructure.

The first component of the toolkit provides content read marking for SharePoint list items and document libraries. The solution addresses a fundamental usability problem faced by customers.  Often, large SharePoint repositories are difficult for novice IT users to navigate and it is sometimes impossible to find content.  The Voodoo Toolkit for SharePoint provides additional visual clues for items that have been read or not read, so items requiring action call attention to themselves.  The clues can be simple CSS styles (e.g. bold, or color change or both) or icons, or interactive menus that let users mark items and folders.  The system is designed to work with both list items and document libraries.

CSI@K12 provides an integrated portal experience for users, providing email, homework and class tasks network file access and a rich set of collaboration tools including class sites and social media tools, delivered in a browser and native Outlook access and views.

“We have lots of ideas for additions to this project and encourage anyone who wishes to participate or donate to this project to do so.  We invite our customers, partners and competitors to jump in with your ideas, feedback and technical contributions,” says Ginsburg.

The Voodoo Toolkit for SharePoint can be found at:

About Computer Software Innovations, Inc.
CSI provides software and technology solutions to public sector markets. The CSI 21st Century Connected School solution has established the company as a major technology provider to the southeast education market. The CSI 21st Century Connected School is a seamless integration of instruction, collaboration, and network solutions that has been a significant factor in doubling company revenue in the past two years to over $58 million and increasing education revenue contribution to approximately 90% of total revenue.

The CSI solution portfolio encompasses proprietary accounting software specialized for the public sector, lesson planning and identity lifecycle management software, SharePoint development, network infrastructure and end device solutions, IP telephony and IP convergence applications, network management solutions and services, and interactive classroom technologies. More information about CSI (OTC BB:CSWI.OB - News) is available at

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