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Monday, September 20, 2010
CSI Technology Outfitters Announces Inclusion of Hosted VoIP Into Existing CSI@K12 Education Cloud
EASLEY, SC – (MARKET WIRE) – September 20, 2010 – CSI Technology Outfitters (OTCBB: CSWI.OB)  today announced the inclusion of Hosted VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Services into the existing CSI@K12 Education Cloud.   The inclusion of VoIP technology into this already existing hosted suite of products adds to the cost-effective technology currently being offered for K-12 and higher education institutions. CSI Technology Outfitters is reaching out to school systems across the country by leading the VoIP charge and showing the efficiency, flexibility, and cost effectiveness of next-generation voice platforms.
The CSI@K12 Education Cloud, which already includes world class email integration in partnership with Microsoft Live@edu, web portal access, and web hosting, links together the key communication and collaboration tools that are sought after in today’s education environment. As a result, educational institutions do not have to purchase software and hardware that have limited use, invest in technologies that are quickly outdated, or invest time in supporting these solutions--these services become highly scalable and, in return, reduce the time and complexity of deploying these services within the current technology environment. Additionally, these tools become available from anywhere through a web browser, allowing people to communicate and collaborate from anywhere in the world.
The CSI@K12 Education Cloud is eligible for funding through the E-Rate program, making these solutions even more affordable for K-12 schools. CSI has invested in the resources, knowledge and processes to ensure program compliance in accordance with federal rules and regulations in providing E-Rate funded solutions.
A growing number of school districts are migrating their phone systems to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology to save money and improve communications with teachers and parents. School districts can look to recoup their investments through lower operational costs and enhanced productivity with the new CSI@K12 Voice service. Equally important, is that CSI@K12 Voice is helping schools improve the educational environment by keeping teachers, parents and students in the loop.
“If a school has the necessary technology foundation, including the bandwidth to support IP telephony, it’s a winning proposition,” states Nancy Hedrick, CEO, CSI Technology Outfitters. “Voice over IP can cut costs and add powerful new features.”
The list of capabilities that CSI Voice enables includes voice messaging, enhanced data services, number portability, Emergency 911 and—with a wireless network in place—un-tethered roaming within a school or district. In addition, by converging both phone and data onto a single network, it’s possible to simplify system administration and lower operational costs.
For districts and schools that deploy the technology effectively, it is possible to take a huge step forward and embrace the potential of the digital age. “Voice over IP is an extremely attractive solution that can help districts contain or reduce costs while achieving strategic gains,” says Michael Knight, CTO, CSI Technology Outfitters. “The main appeal of VoIP isn’t swapping out a standard phone line for an IP-based line—although schools can save money by reducing toll calls within their network. It’s the array of functions schools gain.”
VoIP is proving to be the most cost-effective way to get a phone in every classroom. Schools are finding that the bulk of VoIP deployments can piggyback on E-Rate funding and other data infrastructure initiatives and the elimination of expensive standard service enables particularly swift return on investment. Ongoing expenses are also minimized, thanks to VoIP’s easy browser-based management. The CSI@K12 Education Cloud Suite of tools, including Voice, eliminates a lot of physical work and reduces reliance on expensive outside services. The end result is an affordable phone system that equips teachers with the latest communications tools, keeps parents and teachers in closer touch, and supports mandates to enhance classroom safety.
About Computer Software Innovations, Inc.
CSI provides software and technology solutions to public sector markets. CSI software solutions have established the Company as a major software provider in the southeast education market including through its award winning financial management solutions for the education and local government market sectors. CSI’s Version3 products, which include identity and access management and cloud-based communication and collaboration solutions expand CSI’s presence beyond the southeast and internationally.
The CSI 21st Century Connected School solution has established the Company as a major technology provider to the southeast education market. CSI 21st Century Connected School is a seamless integration of instruction, collaboration, and network solutions. CSI financial management applications and the 21st Century Connected School solutions have been a significant factor in nearly doubling company revenue in the past three years to over $50 million and increasing education revenue contribution to approximately 90% of total revenue.
The CSI solution portfolio encompasses proprietary financial management software specialized for the public sector, lesson planning and identity and access management software, cloud-based communication and collaboration solutions, SharePoint development, network infrastructure and end device solutions, IP telephony and IP convergence applications, network management solutions and managed services, and interactive classroom technologies. More information about CSI (OTCBB: CSWI.OB) is available at
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